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What you should know about the work: All of the work is of the Seashore and the city of Philadelphia. What is hoped when people view the body of work, is their feeling a sense of “old time seashore.” You will never see people in the photographs or anything that would contemporize the scene. Many times people will mistake these pieces as watercolor or pastel paintings. You should know that in creating this very soft painterly effect, there are no filters or darkroom manipulations applied. Each effect is achieved in the camera when the photograph is taken. Enjoy the Work!

The Seashore

The Beach

The City

About the Book

Susan J. Gross lost her husband in 2003 after a forty-one year marriage. She shares a simple walk through the confusion and depression of the grief process and demonstrates how she developed strength and insight. She hopes that her insight will help you through your grief and help you realize that you are safe and not alone. Positive change and strength are waiting. Begin the journey. Make the impossible… possible.


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